Monday, July 6, 2009

It’s Been a FULL Day Already

The kids and I just returned from our weekly journey to the library in Lewiston. I love that library and wish the one here in our town was as good. There are plans to enlarge our town’s library . . . as it sits now, it looks like a small Victorian home in need of major renovations and remodeling. I love the history, charm, and architecture of older buildings; so don’t get me wrong. I just would rather see a larger assortment of titles. In such a small library, that just isn’t possible. Anyway, I’ve gotten off subject. The younger kids each picked out 8 titles, and my nephew picked out one (it’s a start).

I also picked up several flyers for free or low-cost passes:

In addition to these activities, we’re also going to be visiting the following:

So, even if the weather isn’t going to cooperate with us this summer, there are a LOT of things to keep us entertained and busy. The kids are managing a hectic visitation schedule some weeks, too, (parents and grandparents) so they’re not going to have any boring moments! Right now, they’re playing baseball with the kids across the street. That gives me time to work on my book and my homework! Always something to do in the Hollowell/Greenleaf household!!

Where do you like to take your children during the summer?

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