Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Queen Mommy Has Spoken!

I don’t know a Mommy out there that doesn’t have one of those moments where she spazzes off a bit because the kids just won’t listen. It happens. Yesterday was my Mommy moment. I didn’t have a full-blown freak-out (I save that for my paper journal), but I did use my “mean Mommy voice.”

Me: Someone is going to get hurt, I’m not going to tell you guys to stop doing that again. I’m all done speaking about this!!

Background voices: Queen Mommy has spoken!!!!
Okay. So I lost that battle. Remind me never to let the Narnia movies enter my house again.

At least it defused the situation and, oddly enough, they stopped playing in the way that would make the crack skulls and break parts of their bodies that they need. It’s one of those gentle reminders from my children, who continue to teach me new things daily, that everything doesn’t have to be taken so seriously all the time.

I’m interested to see how this rainy day will go. Will I be Queen Mommy again?

Monday, June 29, 2009

Picking Up the Slack

Wow, it’s been ages since I’ve revisited my “old” routines. They seem “old” because it’s been nearly a month since I’ve implemented them . . . which is odd for me considering how I very rarely veer from what I do from day to day, week to week, and month to month. I’m very much a comfort zone type of person, which is probably why things have felt so odd and out of whack lately.

I feel I’ve gone off-course while attempting to create a new one, if that makes any sense at all. There’s so much change going on around here:
  • I started the summer session for UMUC’s distance learning courses in an attempt to finish my degree.
  • School ended for my three little ones, so we’re beginning our summer learning program and a new schedule.
  • We’re continuing my nephew’s homeschooling program throughout the summer, but it is going to take on more of an “unschooling” method and approach.
  • The writing process for my next book started, and will continue at an aggressive pace throughout the summer.
  • My fiancé’s business has picked up considerably, so I’ve been unofficially employed as his office manager for the better part of a month now.
  • The kids are all operating on three separate visitation schedules now: one for my boys, one for my stepdaughter, and one for my nephew . . . and sometimes they match up and sometimes they don’t. It’s a week-to-week kind of thing.

Some of this I’ve already gone over in my previous post, but that’s okay. This is what I’m thinking about today, hence the focus of this blog post. I feel I’ve been slacking off on a lot of my writing gigs and responsibilities, so I’m making attempts at picking up the slack during the course of this week. Will I succeed? I have no idea, but I’m going to remain positive that I will!

How did your month turn out? (I know the month isn’t over yet, but I’m still going to ask!)