Thursday, July 2, 2009

Here, There, and Everywhere

The kids are all going off with their other parents sometime today, so they’re all sitting here watching cartoons and waiting ever-so patiently for their other parents to let us know when they’re going to be showing up. They hate not knowing, but there’s little I can do to comfort that part of their lives. I’ll just keep changing the subject as subtly as I can.

The rain is falling yet AGAIN today. Some of my container gardens absolutely love all of this rain and are flourishing like crazy. Some of my others, though, are yellowing and wishing the rain would stop. It’s interesting how plants (like people) have such different reactions to weather conditions. I could do without all the green gross stuff growing on my decking . . . .

Once the kids are off here, there, and everywhere I’m going to buckle down on my book’s summary and table of contents. My fiancé has been working late most nights, so I plan to burry myself in this work, as well as some other work that slipped through the cracks (sorry, Bryce!!) last month. Here’s what I’m reading to help me in that area:

I’m sure I’ll come across more links to tips and advice as I’m surfing around; this will certainly help me (and you?) get started. I’m happy that my desk is organized (and by organized, I mean that each “thing” I do – writer, student, office manager – now have their own piles, rather than being dumped all together in one big pile), so I can focus on tasks separately as needed without as much stress.

It’s going to be a working (and schooling) weekend here over the holiday – what are your plans?

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