Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Queen Mommy Has Spoken!

I don’t know a Mommy out there that doesn’t have one of those moments where she spazzes off a bit because the kids just won’t listen. It happens. Yesterday was my Mommy moment. I didn’t have a full-blown freak-out (I save that for my paper journal), but I did use my “mean Mommy voice.”

Me: Someone is going to get hurt, I’m not going to tell you guys to stop doing that again. I’m all done speaking about this!!

Background voices: Queen Mommy has spoken!!!!
Okay. So I lost that battle. Remind me never to let the Narnia movies enter my house again.

At least it defused the situation and, oddly enough, they stopped playing in the way that would make the crack skulls and break parts of their bodies that they need. It’s one of those gentle reminders from my children, who continue to teach me new things daily, that everything doesn’t have to be taken so seriously all the time.

I’m interested to see how this rainy day will go. Will I be Queen Mommy again?

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